Fortnite Season 3: Vibin’

New maps, features, skins and even the Sith Lord himself….
 Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3 Vibin' poster
With the end of season 2 and its climactic finale at the Collision event, Epic has released teasers for season 3 and its awesome new content, you’ll see some new skins including two of the most iconic Lucasfilm characters, Indiana Jones and Darth Vader.
Darth Vader in Fortnite
The trailer includes the new map location Reality Falls, showing off the Screwballer rollercoaster, bouncing giant mushrooms and ridable creatures. In this new location, the good vibes are rolling… fan-favourites like the Ballers have returned, allowing you to ride the working rollercoaster in a hamster-style manner with fresh updates since it’s last appearance including floating on water, running on battery charge and increased health.
Screwballer Rollercoaster in Fortnite Season 3
The fun doesn’t stop there, now you can jump on and ride around the island on the maps local wildlife. And don’t worry, riding on wolves and boars won’t hinder on your ability to fire on your enemies, stay mounted in a jousting-like style where you can shoot or throw weapons as normal.
With this seasons round of weapons, some returning favourites and the latest new updates, we are sure that this will be a pretty memorable season.
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