Sonic Prime: Series

Pending the new release of Sonic Prime, available exclusively on Netflix, we are having major nostalgia but will the show live up to the Sonic the hedgehog franchise?
Sonic Prime is a new animated series released on the popular streaming platform Netflix, bringing back our most loved hedgehog and friends, joining up with some new faces to race against time to ‘save his friends and the multiverse’. Yes we know, more multiverse talk but we guess that’s the multiverse right, there’s lots of them!
Sonic Prime series on Netflix
The recent clip shared at Netflix’s ‘Netflix Geeked’ event a couple of weeks ago, showed the spiky character speeding past friends, Big the cat and Froggy, to go save his friend. We first met the iconic due, Big and Froggy, in Sonic Adventure and have made appearances several times in other Sonic games over the years.
After the fans backlash back in 2019 of the Sonic the Hedgehog movie and its “Ugly Sonic”, we are dubious to say the least but seeing him in all his blurry glory, we have high hopes that this series will not disappoint.
A wise animal once said ‘Gotta go fast’ …. But how fast can you go?

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