TRENDING: No Man’s Sky

Over a month on from Hello Games’ release of the Outlaws update and after Microsofts Starfield game revealed, No Man’s Sky is trending and for good reason.
'No Man's Sky' Leviathan Expedition Gameplay
Hello Games released 'No Man's Sky' in 2016 with huge promises to fans of a ‘boundless universe’ and unfortunately let gamers down, 6 years on from there, HG are now exceeding our expectations with an abundance of features. You can now battle space pirates to your hearts content and a new ‘Leviathan’ expedition allows explorers to finally encounter the long-awaited space whales!
No Man's Sky - Space Whale Gameplay
The NMS expeditions are in-game seasonal content that are normally time-sensitive with challenges that allow you to complete milestones where you receive rewards. Players begin by being dropped into one location like prior expeditions and are tasked with completing quests.


But watch out! The event is not as it seems…
When your character dies they return to the start with all progress lost. Whether you are a few seconds or 10 hours in, you will lose everything and have to begin your journey once more.
No Man's Sky - Leviathan Expedition Milestone Complete
This roguelike expedition makes for an interesting play where by you are stuck in a continuous loop and must work together with others to crack it.
How many tries will it take you?
-VG 👾

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